Founded in 1996, Shenzhen Yuanming Industrial Development Co., Ltd is a Group Conglomerate comprising of Manufacturing, Import/Export and Logistics Services. Shenzhen Yuanmei Printing Company is a printing factory specializes in printing, is a subsidiary of the Yuanming Group.

      Guided with the business concept----Honesty, Customer Priority; Quality First, Continuous Improvement, Yuanming specializes in the printing and all kinds of carbonless documents, including Guest Checks, Way Bill for air courier companies, Invoices, Receipts, Warehouse Dockets, Register Rolls, and other Commercial Forms. Yuanming can also custom made printing documents for Hotels, Restaurants, Business Chambers and Clubs. Yuanming provides a one stop professional service to their customers starting with their creative design, pre-press arrangement, printing, binding and all the way to packing.

       Yuanming is equipped with Harris rotary press from USA, Miyakoshi 4-color rotary press, rotary type gold stamping machine, Japan Hamada Offset Printing Press, Japan rotary type bookbinding gluing machine and high speed paper roll cutting machine; coupled with the use of high quality printing ink and paper, Yuanming guarantees consistent and good quality products.

       In addition, one of the Groups’s subsidiaries, Shenzhen Yuanmei Garment Manufactory Company Ltd., specializes in the production of Chef Hats, Aprons, Chef Coats, and Table Cloths.

      Yuanming, as a professional export company, can provide buying agent services to foreign buyers in the supply of various goods, mainly in Stationeries, Crayons, Craftworks, Cultural Commodities, and other Products for restaurants and hotels.
As in import aspect, Yuanming balance O2O pattern, entering several sales platforms like Taobao, Jingdong etc. Yuanming as the exclusive agent and distributor of some relevant Korean companies, providing the original Korean products with lower price at better quality to Chinese market, and gradually expending the market of household appliance, food & beverage, skin care products etc. Yuanming will spend great effort on introducing Korean high-tech products, mainly including high-end and smart water purifier, water dispenser, ice maker, hot plate etc, serving our daily life. All high-tech products are granted with CB and CCC identification. Next, Yuanming will further develop market of the skin care products and cosmetic, introducing some superior Korean brands to consumers in China. In the meantime, Yuanming strictly check the quality and value the credible service, believing that through all staffs’ effort, the customers will enjoy the high-quality and low-price privilege. All original Korean imported products are approved to be excellent and high-quality, by quality monitoring bureau from both export and import, all qualified products will be perfectly shown in Chinese market. In order to satisfy customers’ need and enrich the products variety, Yuanming starts from Korean market and will expand to the European and American area.

     With offices in Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, and Changchun, Yuanming, with its wide network , can provide foreign buyers in sourcing, inspections, order follow up and container consolidations services on LCL orders.

      Looking forward to offering you our best service.